Future trick

I had this idea for a long time in my head. I wanted to do something similar as one older picture with snowboarder. Rider is on rope in front of background with mountain painting. For this new project o chosen czech MTB rider Tomas Slavik. He performs completely new and  impossible (currently) trick on his…

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First paid job

Porky – First paid job This is picture from 2002. More than 11 years old. My first paid job:) For a few prints i got around 10 USD. I used Zenith-E and some color film from newspaper stand. I developed picture in mall and scanned it to fathers computer. And did some super cool vignette…

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New post process of old pictures

I found some older pictures from my beginning. And i still like them, but i tried post process them with new software, better photoshop skills and my different point of view. What do you thing about differences? Did you try something similar?

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