New post process of old pictures

I found some older pictures from my beginning. And i still like them, but i tried post process them with new software, better photoshop skills and my different point of view. What do you thing about differences? Did you try something similar?

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How to shoot sport

What equipment? Initially, a single-lens reflex camera and a basic lens will do for you. But with time, you will find out that using only the set equipment just isn’t enough.  It is because photographing sports is very demanding in terms of equipment, both the cameras themselves as well as the lenses. If you take…

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Nitro Circus Live European Tour

I was approached to photographed Nitro Circus Live in Prague. This is a freestyle show at all what goes and flies. Freestyle bikes, skateboards, inline skates but also for example pink mustang or shopping cart. The whole event shows American freestyle motocros star Travis Pastrana. Czech Republic was represented FMX rider Petr Pilat. European tour…

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